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1 hour session on location, 40+ fully edited high resolution images, photos delivered via private online gallery and are yours to print, download and share without restriction



Service includes consultation meeting (and tea! My treat!), photo documentation of a midwife appointment or baby shower, a third trimester home visit to document details of the nursery and take some bump photos, coverage of labor and delivery as well as post partum.



1 hour on location in your home, props and backdrop provided, 30+ fully edited photos delivered via private online gallery. Photos are yours to print, download and share without restriction.


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I take the task of capturing this special moment very seriously and book a maximum of 2 births a month to insure that there is no overlap and that you have my full attention. I am on-call 24/7 from week 38 onward.

My birth photography services are $1000.


Our journey begins with a meeting to get to know one another and give you an opportunity to share your birth plan and wishes for your labor and delivery. I will also take some time to go through my photography process with you and answer any questions.

Your birth services package includes photo documentation of: a midwife visit, a third trimester home visit, labor and delivery as well as post partum. (Substitutions can be made if you would prefer I document other aspects of your baby journey).

The end result will be a stunning private online gallery of fully-edited, high resolution and unmarked images that are yours to download, print and share without restriction. 

You will also be provided with a beautiful video of photo highlights set to music telling the most wonderful and unique story of your birthing journey.

I will bring you a DVD copy of your video along with a few goodies from local home-based businesses. 


When should I book my birth photographer?

I only book 2-3 births per month to ensure availability. It is best to book early during your second trimester, though it is never to early (or late!) to contact me and inquire about my availability.

I'm considering hiring you. What steps are involved?

The first step is to contact me regarding my availability as I am often booked several months in advance. If you have any questions about the services I provide you can also send me any questions that are on your mind. Once you have expressed an interest we can get together over tea and personalize the documentation of your birth journey. At that time if you wish to proceed, a deposit of $300 is required to secure your spot in my schedule. After your session is secured I will be in touch to schedule the pre-birth sessions. The remainder of your session fee is due by the 36th week of your pregnancy. My policy is not to attend a birth that is not paid for in full at the time of labor.

Can't my husband/support/nurse just take the pictures?

Yes, you could ask someone from your support team to take your photo, however the pictures are often over- or under- exposed, out of focus or taken from unflattering angles at awkward times. Your partner will want to be there to support you and will likely want to be included in the photographic memories of such a special day; your doula should be able to 100% focus on your needs and she cannot do that from behind a camera; a nurse cannot be relied on because they are often ill -experienced and juggling other patients. I have literally lost count of the number of times I've had families express their sincere regret in NOT hiring a birth photographer. 

Do you shoot in colour or black and white and do you edit my photos?

I shoot all my photos in full colour raw format. I do however edit the photos in predominantly black and white as is typical for birth photography. Black and white photos tend to communicate a more emotionally true experience while removing distractions such as blood, other bodily substances and the glare of instruments and equipment. I do include colour photos at my discretion and most are of your wee one and post-partum experience once everyone is settled. I can provide colour copies of photos on request.

When should we call you when we go into labor?

You should call when you feel it is right and when your midwife or OB has confirmed that you are in active labor. I will provide a set of calling cards with instructions on where and when to call.

What if my birth is really long?

Every birth is different and I am all in! If your labor is a longer process, I will take small breaks here and there or even go home to rest if the situation warrants it. But once I have been brought on to document your journey I will see it to completion.  Watch out for any photographer who puts time constraints on you or has over-time fees.

What if I go into labor early? What if I am overdue?
I guarantee my availability from week 38 until birth. 

What if I require a C-Section?

While I am fully prepared to follow you into the operating room, this is not always possible and comes down to a decision made by the anesthesiologist and OB. There are sometimes limits to the number of people who are allowed to accompany you, however if you would like me present, you are my best advocate and I am often times allowed to participate in full or in part. If I am not able to accompany you for the actual delivery, there are many things I can photograph before and after your birth. We can discuss this possibility in more detail at our consultation. 

What if you get sick or can't make it in time for the birth?

If I am actively sick (coughing, fever, stomach virus etc) I will not attend your birth to keep mommy and baby healthy. I do have a backup photographer who will assume responsibility for your contract in the event that I cannot attend due to illness. In the highly unlikely event that my backup is also unavailable, your fee will be refunded minus the retainer. While it's important to have a backup plan, please know that to date I have never missed a birth due to fault of my own.

If I am unable to capture your birth due to no fault of my own (ie I wasn't called soon enough, the labor was much quicker than expected, there were complications, baby is taken for medical care or hospital won't allow me access) your fee is non-refundable. If I miss the actual birth, I will still make every effort to arrive in time to capture the weigh in, room details and those first cuddles with mommy and daddy. A newborn session within the first 48 hours will also be substituted.

Are the images graphic? Do you take photos of everything?

Photos are taken tastefully from the side or shoulder down. I use legs or people to cover personal areas. I can take photos from more intimate angles at your request.

Are my pictures private? Who will see them?

Your photos will be given to you via a private, password protected online gallery. I will not use your images without your express permission and if I do use birth photography images for the promotion of my business, they will be of discrete nature, as my website is family friendly. 

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